Wiersig Enterprises offers plenty Top of the Line professional services to help your business function to the best of its ability. Whether you’re just starting out, are a freelancer, or already have an established organization we have solutions created for you.

What We Offer

Business Solutions catered to your success by providing cheaper prices, better services, and our support team to make sure you succeed as our client no matter your problem. Solutions ranging from Project Management systems like Google Suite and Microsoft Office 365, to Website Hosting and Management Plans, and even reaching as far as providing you with business networking through the Wiersig Enterprises Client Network. 

Web Design and Hosting

Professional Web Design paired with Top Grade servers provides our clients with an industry leading all in one web package.

Business Consultation

Our Consultation Team provides our clients with intuitive business solutions that are built to solve whatever problems you’re facing.

Creating Real-World Projects

Our Team takes an idea and creates it for you, making your dream a reality, guaranteeing you have all the tools necessary to succeed.


Top of the line Business Management whether we are just providing you with the tools like GSuite and Office 365 at a better cost, or even just proving Traditional Business Solutions.


Paired with both our Management and Web solutions we provide a top of the line marketing system to help you grow with our Specialized Professional Branding Services.

Project Development

Industry Leading software and hardware development will allow you to take your projects to the next level, giving you full control over your product and what it does.