Learn more about the Wiersig Enterprises Team


Who We Are

Wiersig Web Design was founded in 2018 by Frederick Wiersig, who merged his interests in technology and business to assist others in growing their organizations. In 2019, we rebranded as Wiersig Enterprises to broaden our range of services. Our portfolio has expanded, and we can now provide consulting services to help you create a new organization from the ground up, address current issues facing your organization, or enhance your online and offline presence. We are committed to getting involved in our clients’ projects and would be delighted to be part of yours as well.

What We Do

At Wiersig Enterprises, we offer comprehensive support to ensure the success of you or your organization. We can assist with marketing initiatives, launching new products, or creating a brand-new website from scratch. Our Premium Business Solutions are tailored to your specific needs and designed to provide a customized solution to any challenge you may be facing. As our portfolio of services continues to expand, we are committed to delivering the best possible solutions to our clients. Our motto, “If you are successful, we are successful,” reflects our philosophy and approach to everything we do at Wiersig Enterprises.