Learn more about the Wiersig Enterprises Team


Who We Are

Wiersig Enterprises started in 2018 as a web design company, Wiersig Web Design, combining our founder Frederick Wiersig’s passions of business and technology together allowing him to help others with growing their online presence. Soon in 2019, we rebranded into Wiersig Enterprises to allow for a larger scope of operations. With our growing services portfolio we can find a solution through our consultation services to help you create your dream organization from scratch, helping you with current problems your organization is facing, or helping boost your organizations presence both online and in person. We have a passion for becoming a part of our client’s projects and we would love to become a part of yours too!

What We Do

Wiersig Enterprises provides you or your organization with everything it needs to be successful, whether that means helping market your organization, a new product, or even starting from square one. Wiersig Enterprises is here to provide a custom solution for any issue you are facing with our Premium Business Consultation. With our growing portfolio of services we will do everything in our power to be sure to provide the best possible solution catered directly for you. Our motto says “If you are successful, we are successful” and we beleive that perfectly embodies what we do here making sure that we will help make your dreams a true reality.